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1st Grade Arts Integration Videos

The Puhuy Bird

Grade 1

Students hear another Kamishibai story, The Puhuy Bird. During the story students will share their ideas about how they could help the puhuy bird. After the story, they will be invited to engage in a conversation about the setting, characters and plot of the puhuy bird story. Students will learn to use their facial expression, body language, and voice inflection to convey a character’s emotions with the help of a song called, “The Very Emotional Song.”


Journey to the Top

Grade 1

Mr. Brian shares another exciting Kamishibai story with students. Then, they learn a new song to help them distinguish between character emotions and character traits.


Don Gato

Grade 1

Mr. Brian has another new story through song for you. But something happened during the recording and all of the verses are out of order! Mr. Brian needs the help of your students to put the plot back in the correct sequence.  We have even included a Google Slideshow for you to make this lesson super easy to execute. Don’t forget to return to the video at the end of the lesson to hear the song in proper sequence!

Accompanying slide show


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