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3rd Grade Arts Integration Videos

Waltzing Matilda's Surprise New Ending

Grade 3

Brian performs a new ending to the Story Waltzing Matilda, complete with additional Aussie vocabulary. Students use context clues to determine the meaning of the new unknown words. Then, learn a new thought tracking tableau technique. Have fun!


The Fox's Foray

Grade 3

The earliest version of this traditional folk song is also a Middle English poem and was entitled, “The Fox’s Foray”. This version has been featured as an exemplar read aloud poem in the common core standards. Students listen to determine the meaning of new unknown words within the song. Then, they create a tableau to showcase the meaning of the words within a new context.



Grade 3

Music has so many expressive qualities that make the listener feel a certain way. In this video, students learn how to create similes to demonstrate each quality.


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