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Arts Integration Videos

Poor, Poor Story

Grades Pre K - 2

English Language Arts: Character, Setting, and Plot

Module 1: Poor, Poor Story

Students will learn the three elements that every fictional story needs to be complete as they sing along with the song, "Poor, Poor Story." As they do so, watch Story become happy again!

Module 2: Meet the Puhuy Bird

Students will be introduced to the Japanese art of Kamishibai storytelling through the story, "The Puhuy Bird." During the story they will be asked their ideas about how they could help the puhuy bird. After the story, they will be invited to engage in a conversation about the setting, characters and plot of the puhuy bird story.

Module 3: The Very Emotional Song

Students will learn to use their facial expression, body language, and voice inflection to convey a character’s emotions with the help of a song called, "The Very Emotional Song."

Module 4: Hey Little Ant

Students will revisit the art of Kamishibai storytelling using the story "Hey, Little Ant" which was written by 9-year-old Hannah Hoose and Phillip Hoose. Visit for more about the story as well as extension activities.

Module 5: The Very Emotional Song Interactive

Students will continue to practice using facial expression, body language, and voice inflection to demonstrate character traits as they further explore the character of the ant.

Module 6: Hey, Little Ant Interactive

Students will use acting as they play the role of the ant while Brian sings the story one more time.

Module 7: Let's Wrap It Up

Students will join in the song "Poor, Poor Story" as they review the three story elements every fictional story needs to be complete.

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