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Arts Integration Videos

Oh Where, Oh Where Has My Little Story Gone?

Grades 1-3

English Language Arts: Character, Setting, Plot and Theme

Module 1: Conflict in a Castle

Mr. Brian’s friend, Story, is missing. After viewing the performance of the Castle Song, students identify key details of the setting, characters, and plot to earn a piece of the puzzle that will bring Story back.

Module 2 : Two Friends go Fishing

Students continue their work with story elements while experiencing a bit of Indonesian culture and instruments.

Module 3: Carelessness Didn’t Kill the Cat

Explore the setting, characters, and plot of the Spanish children’s song, Señor Don Gato. Learn more about the method’s the illustrator used to create the characters in this children’s story.

Module 4: Introduction to Theme

What is a theme? Students learn a new song, "Joseph had a Little Overcoat," to help them remember the definition of a theme and apply that knowledge as they work to determine the theme of the stories and songs from previous modules.

Module 5: Poor Poor Story Revisited

Because students have earned puzzle pieces throughout the modules, Story is complete! Students sing along with the song, Poor, Poor Story to demonstrate their understanding of all 4 story elements. (setting, characters, plot and theme)

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