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Arts Integration

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Arts Integration is an approach to teaching and learning through which content standards are taught and assessed equitably in and through the arts. This “approach to teaching” refers to how something is being taught rather than what is being taught. 

Arts integration can easily be inserted as a teaching method in any curriculum, and numerous studies show that doing so allows students to connect with the material they are learning at a deeper level while expanding their appreciation for the art form that has been integrated.

Arts integration provides multiple ways for students to make sense of what they learn (construct understanding) and make their learning visible (demonstrate understanding). It goes beyond the initial step of helping students learn and recall information to challenging students to take the information and facts they have learned and do something with them to build deeper understanding

Arts Integration Experiences Through Honeywell

The purpose of providing arts integration experiences through the Honeywell Foundation is to extend how students process and retain information by combining several fine arts learning modalities to reach a wider range of students.

Today, teachers are charged with the task of differentiating instruction, but they don’t always have the resources available to do so.  This is especially true in our rural footprint. Through our arts integration experiences, an English Language Arts Standard is taught through an art form, allowing students who may not have made a connection through traditional teaching methods, an opportunity to grow and thrive. 

Each artist will make four visits over the course of the school year in each classroom– two in the fall and two in the spring. Because we’ll have a longer and more measureable impact, our goal is to see retention of knowledge between the fall and spring visits. Our artists will use various assessment models as students actively participate throughout the lesson in order to demonstrate understanding. 


Lesson extensions will be developed and provided to teachers by the Honeywell Staff so that the impact of our visits extends even beyond the four times our artists are present.

For more information, contact

Kristi Unger, Director of Education

260.274.1418 or email

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