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Visual Thinking Strategies

2024-25 Educator Resources

Permission to Wonder

Harness the power of curiosity in your classroom.

Permission to Wonder News.png

Permission to Wonder


Observation Template

Listen Up

Using VTS skills to strengthen speaking and listening skills.

Listen Up.png

Listen Up


Wonder Wednesdays

Question Power

Ignite the power of critical thinking throughout your day with questions.

Question Power.png

Question Power

Sample VTS Questions in Content Areas....png

Area Questions

Beyond Write & Return

Put returned VTS writing pieces to work in your classroom.

Beyond the Point of Write & Return web.png

Existing Writing Ideas

Books Are Magic

Using VTS skills to maximize the impact of your read alouds.

Books Are Magic Mid Oct23.png

Book Magic

What's Going on in This Illustration Poster Ex.png

Illustration Example


Tell Me A Story Template

Notes WGOH.png

Notes Page Template

Class Life Is Art

Leverage the existing art in your classroom to build critical thinking skills.

Class Life Is Art web.png

Class Life Is Art

VTS & Observation Station Ideas Nov23.png

Station Ideas

Observation Statioin Template web.png

Observation Template

Class Fridge Example.png

Fridge Example

Class Fridge Observation web.png

Fridge Observation Template

What's going on with my feelings.png

VTS Feelings

Engaging Early Finishers

Boost productive learning time with VTS work for early finishers

Engaging Early Finishers web.png

Early Finishers

Early Finisher Ideas web.png

Finisher  Idea Board

Illustration VTS web.png

Illustration Template

Before and AFter Writing web.png

Before or After Template

Writing Exemplar Template web.png

Writing Exemplar Template

Math Tool Template web.png

Math Tool Template

Word Problem VTS web.png

Word Problem Template

Text Feature VTS Observation web.png

Text Features Template

Choice Board-web.png

Choice Board Template (Blank)

Making Cultural Connections

Seize the rich examples of diverse cultures in artwork.

Making Cultural Connections Dec 23.png

Cultural Connections

Classroom Cultural Connection Image Selections-web.png

Cultural Connection Images

Morning Work

Energize your morning work with VTS.

VTS Morning Work (1).png

Morning Work

Morning Work Template-web.png

Morning Work Template

Word Wonders

Expand student vocabulary through VTS discussions.

Word Wonders Jan 24.png

Word Wonders

Listen Up Language-web.png

Listen Up Template

Words to Know-web.png

Words to Know

Personal Word Wall Template-web.png

Personal Word Wall

VTS & Constructed Responses

Develop constructed response skills using visual texts.

VTS & Constructed Responses-news.jpg

Constructed Response Ideas

Constructed Response Strategy Information (1).png

Constructed Response Explanation

RACE Poster.png

Constructed Response Poster

High-Tech VTS

Put classroom technology to work to provide additional VTS applications.

VTS Goes High-Tech (1).png

Constructed Response Poster

HyperDoc Sample.png

HyperDoc Sample for VTS

VTS Class Response Document Sample-web.png

Class Response Sample

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