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Bullying Prevention


Steve Seskin

Songwriting Workshops and Bully Prevention Assemblies

Sept. 25-Oct. 6, 2023

Steve Seskin is a Grammy-nominated songwriter who has written seven number one songs, including "Don’t Laugh at Me," the song that inspired the creation of Operation Respect.  Steve is a passionate advocate for children, and works with them in schools across the country, writing songs and helping them learn the creative process while working through the real issues they're faced with in schools today.

Steve offers two options for schools:

1. Full day session: A full day session begins with songwriting workshops for students grade 3 and above and ends with a bully prevention assembly. Students who wrote the song with Steve during the songwriting workshops will perform it during the assembly.  

2. 45 minute bullying prevention assembly: Primary assemblies and intermediate assemblies are both approximately 45 minutes in length.

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