4th Grade Arts Integration Videos

Kevin Stonerock - Video 1

Grade 4 - Indiana History: Point of View

Watch this introductory video with your students prior to Kevin's first visit. This video provides students with the necessary background information to help them better understand the Hoosier Pioneer Assembly and Kevin's day 2 visit.


Kevin Stonerock - Video 2

Grade 4 - Indiana History: Point of View

Explore the difference between first and third person narration through a close examination of the stories of Andrew Amonett and George Ash, a white boy whose family was attacked by the Shawnee Indians.


Kevin Stonerock - Video 3

Grade 4 - Indiana History: Point of View

“Indian Man” is a song written and performed by Kevin Stonerock. The song, written in first person, provides a first person perspective of George’s story.


Kevin Stonerock - Video 4

Grade 4 - Indiana History: Point of View

Students explore the viewpoints of the characters present in the third person story of George Ash. After considering what these characters might be thinking and feeling, students perform a brief first person interpretation from that character’s point of view.


An Introduction to the Civil War

Grade 4 - Indiana History

Filmed in the Dr. James Ford Historic Home in Wabash, Kevin introduces students to some key vocabulary and important individuals associated with the Civil War. He also introduces students to the events leading up to the Civil War.


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